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Shopify & Marketing


Shatter the ice with the best fitting hockey equipment tailored for women and make no compromise. Designed with purpose, STÄRK HOCKEY allows you and many athletes to perform at the highest level. But STÄRK HOCKEY’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the rink; it extends to their online presence as well.

STÄRK HOCKEY approached us with a vision – to align the quality of their website with the caliber of their game-changing equipment. We embarked on a journey to transform their online platform, and the results were nothing short of exceptional.

The website is now a testament to their dedication to perfection, mirroring the precision of their equipment. Together, we’ve elevated their website to match the quality of their equipment, ensuring that they continue to perform at the highest level both on and off the ice.

STÄRK HOCKEY – Better fitting gear

GMG Québec

Web Design & Marketing

GMG Québec

Lift your expectations with GMG Québec Inc, an aerial lift company that takes your productivity to new heights! We thoroughly enjoyed creating a captivating landing page for them, showcasing their cutting-edge equipment and award-winning features.

We elevated this project from having no online presence to showcasing a stunning landing page, launching a successful Google Ads campaign that made competitors aware of the new player in town, and assisted with setting up LinkedIn profiles and Google My Business along the way.

GMG Québec – Aerial Lift Equipment

Shopify & Marketing

CFDF promo Inc

Dress up your employees with personalized merchandise from CFDF promo, offering thousands of choices, including clothing, office items, and fashionable or eco-friendly products tailored to your image.

When we began collaborating with CFDF Promo, they were a small Montreal-based business with a limited product range on their Shopify store. With our help, they were able to scale and sell thousands of promotional products across all of North America.

By refining their store and setting up targeted Google Ads campaigns, we more than tripled their revenue in under a year.

CFDF promo – Promotional products

CFDF promo

Shopify Business Consultation

Pekaboo Collection

When it comes to baby products, Pekaboo Collection stands out as a shining example of quality and craftsmanship, all proudly made right here in Quebec. Their commitment to excellence is woven into every aspect of their brand with unique designs, local fabric printing and personalization

Pekaboo Collection has been a valued partner, and we’ve had the pleasure of assisting them in enhancing their personalization options and providing valuable business consultation. Their dedication to quality and their commitment to making parenting a little cozier are qualities we wholeheartedly endorse.

Pekaboo Collection – Baby Store